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Online Workshops & Webinars

In Zenutrirvida you will find a set of different Webinars that will provide you with information & workshops. To achieve your goals and get information on lifestyle topics, information sources, and habits that support Overall Wellbeing.

Making it easy for you to achieve different wellness goals. 

Choices and healthy habits, that help you increase your energy & decrease your stress. Get specific information on Wellness topics that we as Health Coaches are trained to share.


You can also find healthy ingredients and great skincare offers, at my shops on the top menu, or contact me!

"Hi as a Health Coach from Integrative Nutrition IIN Graduate, I love sharing Wellness topics that help to provide information and resources on habits & a healthy lifestyle. Understanding the causes behind stress, ingredients, choices behind your lifestyle." 



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Not sure how I can support you? Take a FREE first session and decide. A free metabolic questionnaire with the session.

1 single session afterwards 60 usd

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Not sure how I can support you? Take a FREE first session and decide. Free Ayurveda questionnaire with the session. 1 single session afterwards 60 usd

What is included in my 1 month Health Coaching program?

-Fill in your Health History

-Free 1st Health Coaching Session: learn how I can support you.

-Pre-schedule phone calls

-Sign one-month program terms, start date-end date 1 month.  

-Link to download your Coaching  App for 1 month.

-Paypal invoice & Payment $80 USD


Track your Exercise and Health with your monitoring device and link to your App. Compatible with iPhone.


Wellness trackers and monthy goals viewer.

Zoom Calls

Receive your Zoom calls from your Coaching App.


All in one Coaching App. Chat 24/7. Coaching Calls. File sessions, info. support tools on the go!

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• Fast and easy absorption of nutrients

• Increased energy levels

• Clearer thinking

• Glowing eyes and skin

• Strong hair and nails

• Heightened sense of taste and smell

• Strengthened immune system

• Improved appetite control

• Provides a healthy rest for your digestive system

• Health benefits of consuming fruits and vegetables

Juicing is a controversial subject in the nutrition world,

especially since juice fasts and cleanses are currently a

major dietary trends. Advocates for juicing claim it’s a fast

and convenient way to get nutrients into our bodies, while

opponents argue we miss out on important health benefits

from the nutrient-rich skin and fiber that is extracted during

the processing.

Regardless of your juicing stance, a glass of your favorite

greens is still a better choice than a processed, sugar-laden

snack. Subscribe or join our new Facebook Wellness Group to get these juicing tips to learn how you can safely

incorporate juicing into a healthy, balanced diet. Learn all about juicing inside our upcoming gut health webinar!

Online Webinars & Workshops!

Introducing Health Coaching Webinars & Workshops you can join. Easily from your home!  What are your wellness goals? Complete the webinars to access tools, information that naturally supports a state of Wellbeing. You also have me as your personal Health Coach while taking the workshop! Online support 24/7.

Now Available!


I Love Healthy Skincare!

Discover Nu Skin! Welcome to my blog! While... I upload the upcoming webinars, please be sure to contact me if you are looking for a particular product. I work with different options (3 wellness brands), do let me know what you are looking for. Online Worldwide track your package.


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