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Welcome! I provide tools and information that provide wellness and wellbeing information.  Discover wellness from within and quality products that are mindful of health & wellness. My online distributor shops are underneath the menu bar. For vegan, non-GMO supplements tea, or coffee or tea options that add more benefits to your daily lifestyle. Send me a message! It´s also worldwide! Contact me if you want to build your own business with wellness brands.


My name is Nadine Elías. In the following images & links; you can visit my certifications as a Health Coach, Wellness Therapies with EDUCTOR® & other interests. Feel free to check them out and get more information on each one. This is my passion I love sharing everything that supports a healthy lifestyle.


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What do I do?


I am an advocate of Wellness & Wellbeing.

I believe in skincare and brands that are made with natural active ingredients, healthy and good for your skin. 


Inside my mini-blog, you will find Health Coaching information, recipes, and wellbeing. I believe in a healthy lifestyle, through habits that support health and mindful living.


 I give different  Alternative medicine therapies and natural sources that support your health in-person to regular clients. Like Eductor Software® and ThetaHealing® meditation sessions. 


Online I am working on different webinars and workshops you will be able to join in soon! On different subjects and wellness goals.


 As a yoga teacher, I believe in sharing its benefits on social media and how it promotes a natural state of wellbeing.

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